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January 2013

  • Vol. 1 No. 1
  • Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health care settings(2003)

    배성숙, 김보경, 김한나, 윤경화, 최나래

  • Correlation Coefficiency between the Oral Malodor and Oral State

    Ja-Hea Yoo

  • A study on oral health education for children and teachers of childcare centers and kindergartens located in Chungcheong region

    Ji-Won Lee, Se-Young Han, Ui-Jung Jung

  • A Quality Improvement Case Study on Preparing Healthcare Accreditation System at Dental Hospital

    Na Rae Choi, Seon Kyeong Kim, Na Hyun Oh, Hye Won Park, Han-Na Kim, Young Seok Kim

  • Relationship between job satisfaction and job selection factors among dental hygienist -Based on dental hygienists who graduated college in Metropolitan Area

    Hie-Jin Noh, Sung-Suk Bae

  • The relationship between self-esteem and careers identity in dental hygiene students

    Bo-ram Shin, Sung-Suk Bae, Jong-Hwa Jang, Suk-Hyang Kim