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August 2017

  • Vol. 5 No. 2
  • Structural equation statistics some impact on the dental physician reuse factor of elderly patients

    Jin-Soo Kim, Hee-Kyung Jang, Kyoung-Ok Yun

  • The Relationship between Jop Training and Organizational Commitment of New Dental Hygienist

    Eun-Ha Yoo, Pil-Young Yun, Hye-Young Oh

  • Study on Dental Prosthesis Status for Community Oral Health Promotion Project in Wonju

    Jiyeon Roh, Seri Cha, Heejin Kim, Eunyeong Lee, Jiwon Shin, Ree Lee, Bitnari Kim, Won-Gyun Chung, Sun-Young Han

  • Correlation of dental caries experience and the amount of fluoride in oral saliva

    Si-jeong Cho, A-young Jung, Ga-young Jeong, Han-na Kim

  • Differences in Oral Health Perception and Behaviors between Airmen and Male Undergraduates

    Da-kyung Ko, Sung-Suk Bae