Factors related to Problem-Solving Ability in Healthcare Major College Students

Se-Young  Han1,*   Hee-Jung  Lee2   

1Department of Dental Hygiene, Catholic Sangji College, Andong, 36686, Korea
2Department of Nursing, Catholic Sangji College, Andong, 36686, Korea


Objectives: This study was conducted to enhance effective problem-solving ability by investigating problem-solving ability in nursing and dental hygiene students. Method: A structured anonymous self-administered questionnaire was administered to 266 healthcare major college students from May 12 to 28, 2021. Results: The overall mean score for problem-solving ability was 158.83±22.30 points. Problem-solving ability by general and major-related characteristics was significantly higher in students in the third year or above, and in those having higher major satisfaction and a GPA of 3.0 or higher. And showed a significant positive correlation with self-esteem and communication competence. Multiple regression analysis showed problem-solving ability to have significant associations with self-esteem and communication competence. Which together explained 28% of the variance. Conclusions: The development of efficient education programs and institutional support are needed to improve the problem-solving ability of healthcare major students by providing teaching methods and student guidance that give consideration to self-esteem and communication competence. More studies are warranted to extend our findings.

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