Study on Patients’ Satisfaction with Orthodontic Treatment and Factors Influencing Treatment Decision

Han-Na  Kim1,*   

1Department of Dental Hygiene, College of Health and Medical Sciences, Chenogju University, Cheongju, 28503, Korea


This study aimed to assess the satisfaction of orthodontic patients and evaluate the factors influencing the orthodontic treatment decision. A survey was conducted targeting patients and their guardians who wanted orthodontic counseling (n = 25). The survey comprised eight questions each for pre-visit telephone consultation and visit counseling. The patient satisfaction was high with the first greeting in telephone consultation but low for active guidance and polite tone. During the visit counseling, patient satisfaction was high with the waiting time and waiting environment but low for response attitude and treatment time in the final stage of additional inquiry and diagnosis stage. Logistic regression analysis revealed significant association between orthodontic treatment decision and the treatment purpose, with re-orthodontic and pediatric orthodontic treatments showing high association with orthodontic treatment. The environmental factors of medical institutions and politeness of medical staff during consultation with patients should be considered to improve patient satisfaction, as they have complex effects on orthodontic treatment decisions.

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