Effect of Coronavirus Disease (COVID)-19 on Visiting Dental Institutions

Wan-Ki Lee1   Jae-Hoon Cho1   So-Min Yoo1   Ji-Hyun Hwang1   Hyeon-Ji Kim1   Ha-Young Yoon1   Yang-Ji Lee1   Mun-Young Choi1   Su-Min Hong1   Eun-Ha Jung1,*   

1Department of Dental Hygiene, Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine, Wonju, 26426, Korea


Objectives: This study aimed to suggest solutions to increase the visiting rate of patients by analyzing the effect of COVID-19 on visits to dental institutions. Methods: The survey used Google’s online system and was issued to 564 adults aged 18 years and older. The survey had three, six, and eight items on general characteristics, dental visit trends, and dental infection control factors, respectively. The data were analyzed using frequency analysis, chi-square test, and multiple response analysis by SPSS version 26.0. Results: In the last five months, 196 participants (49.0 %) did not visit dental institutions despite thinking they needed to; 34.7% of the 196 participants postponed visits to the dentist due to concerns over COVID-19 infection. Additionally, 43.0% of 107 dental patients were hesitant to visit dental institutions because they were likely to be vulnerable to COVID-19. Those who exhibited changes in dental infection control behavior (56.2%) during dental visits due to COVID-19 showed a high interest in the disinfection of dental equipment (54.7%). Conclusions: COVID-19 affects the dental visits of patients. Appropriate dental infection control will be useful in increasing dental visiting rates and the oral health status of the public.

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