Awareness and Fear of Dental Infection Control Among University Students

Eun-Song Lee1   Ji-Hye Kim2,*   

1Department of Preventive Dentistry & Public Oral Health, Yonsei University College of Dentistry, Seoul, 03722, Korea
2Department of Dental Hygiene, Baekseok University, Cheonan, 31065, Korea


Objectives: We aimed to investigate the awareness and fear of dental infection control among university students.Methods: A survey was conducted to determine the level of awareness and fear of dental infection control among 193 university students who visited dental clinics. Differences in awareness and fear according to the participants' general characteristics and experience were determined by t-test and analysis of variance (α=0.05).Results: Approximately 64% of the participants had no information on infection control. The awareness level and fear were significantly higher in students majoring in health science than in those majoring in non-health science subjects (p<0.001 and p<0.05, respectively), in participants with a high level of interest in oral health compared to those with low levels of interest in oral health (p<0.001 and p<0.05, respectively), and among those who acquired dental infection control information than among those who did not (p<0.001).Conclusion: The awareness and fear of dental infection control among students differed according to their major, interest in oral health, and knowledge of dental infection control. Therefore, dental professionals should raise awareness and alleviate fear by providing correct information and adopting infection control measures in clinical settings.

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